Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Results of Ice Dyeing!

I let the t-shirts, etc. mentioned in the last post sit until Monday (Labor Day), and then removed all their coverings, hosed them off for awhile, and then put them in the washer in 4 batches. This took all day, and into Tuesday because this dye (fiber-reactive) takes a lot of water to wash out. Each load (of which there were four) went through a wash and 3 rinse cycles. When they no longer left color traces on my hands, I hung them out to dry.

The results:

The logo shows up on all the shirts very well, as well as on the tote bags. However, it was really faint on the ball caps, and on only one or two can you tell there's anything there.

All in all, I am (as is Sue) very please with our work!

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  1. LOVE the "water lilies" in the second photo! Might need one of those; will they be for sale to the general public?

    I'm working on a blog post for YOU right now. Be sure and check in later. :-)