Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Demo Hat

Since publishing my first pattern (Yurt for your Head), I have found 3 omissions. One I have already fixed, two I discovered while knitting the hat to show at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. I will have to correct the latter, and forward the update to the person who has purchased the pattern. Hopefully, she's not knitting like the fiend that I have been for the last day and a half, and hasn't gotten to that part of the pattern  (the very end...).

So, while these pictures aren't very good - daylight was really waning - here is the demo hat. A note about the colors used: you'd think in this house, it would be very easy to find yarn. You'd be wrong, especially when I was trying to get enough of 2 colors to do the entire hat out of commercial yarn. I mostly knit with handspun, but had a number of balls of KnitPicks worsted (best laid plans...). I had 2 balls of eggplant-y purple, and two of green, but when I started knitting with the green as the contrast, it was very blah. Back to the drawing board. I also had one ball of "tidepool heather," which I really liked, but wasn't sure I'd have enough (I would have, but it doesn't matter). So I grabbed a couple more colors and called Sue. Sometimes, it helps to describe the problem to another person, which leads to a decision. I ended up using 5 colors: Purple for the main color, Tidepool for the secondary color, and the green, amber heather and a tangerine-y orange for accents. The pictures don't show the colors truly, but you can sort of get the idea!

So, Unblocked:

Blocking (even worse light...)

I use my flour canister to block hats on - it's the perfect circumference!

Now to clean up my mess...


  1. Turned out great! And it was a fun discussion.

  2. It's GORGEOUS, and you're smokin' fast!!! Having the "Lanny conversation" with Rick tonight; wish me luck.