Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I really haven't left the building...

I've actually been moving to my own place.

Lest you think that precludes anything fiberish, I'm here to tell you that opening boxes that have been in storage for 6 months is like Christmas on steroids!

A couple of years ago, I knit a sweater for my dad after my mom passed (see here - scroll down). I had a moment of panic and ordered more yarn, which meant I ended up with lots extra. I figured that I'd have enough for a vest, and the idea has been composting all that time. I found a pattern on Ravelry that I liked, but really only liked the shape and the cable.

After looking at the amount of yarn I had (roughly 800 yds, which means I will probably have to order some more...), I decided to make the vest stockinet stitch with a cable up the center back, and along both front edges of a high, v-neck.

Usually when I knit, I use charts (I rarely use printed patterns). In order to read them, I put them into Excel, making the column width 2.14 pixels wide. This makes a nice grid that is easy for my aging eyes to read.

The chart for the vest cable looks like this:

The chart leaves out the wrong-side rows, mainly so that it all will fit on one page.

The knitted cable looks like this:

The fabric is actually much bluer than this shows.

I'm really enjoying the cable - it has a rhythm, much like lace that's easy to get into. I think this will be a very "wearable" vest!