Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm ready for 2012

A weaver friend, Patty Huffer, came over for lunch today, knowing that I wanted to pick her brain about weaving. Specifically about some of the problems that I have been having...

Turns out, they have all been tension-related, whether from skipping a step when winding on (I knew I was supposed to pull on the warp, but I forgot...), or not using the correct warp separater on the Dorset(she brought me cardboard), or not keeping track of how I hold the shuttle differently on the right and left sides (makes the selveges different...).

There were lots of light-bulb moments, and lots of laughter!

When we pronounced my brain full, and hers empty, we had brunch - Dutch Apple Pancake - yummy!

So, now, when the orders from Halcyon and Henry's Attic come in, I'll be armed and dangerous...

Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm back, really

The trip to San Diego is chronicled here - and I forgot to take a picture of the finished towels. They got a lot of use after Thanksgiving dinner, I can tell you!!  Both Dad and Wilma loved them.

I finally thought of having my dad send me a picture (sometimes I'm a little slow...), so here they are:

The moire look is just an illusion, probably caused by some of the tracking (which I really like...). My sis, Mary, hemmed them for me before we left Reno.

I have Christmas present orders from all the immediate family...

Meanwhile, I've been farmsitting, and weaving scarves for a local Holiday Market on Saturday. Since I'm not at "home," I'm using the Dorset loom.  We're struggling to forge a working relationship... However, I've woven 5 scarves, which are now in the dryer.  When they're done, I'll press them, twist the fringe, and take pictures...