Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The result

I have never modified a chart /pattern like this before, so, armed with a pen (and later a pencil - should have started with that), I sat down to knit.

After staying up way too late Sunday night (actually early Monday morning) test knitting the chart for the miter, I finished it mid-day Monday. There are some changes that I need to make in the chart, mainly to keep the stitch count even on both sides, and to maintain the reduction in stitches.

Here's the result:

The yarn is a 50/50 silk/wool that I dyed ages ago (and I have 2 large balls of it). The shawl in progress is 100% merino.

I call this color way, "Snapdragon." It's hard to see since it's not blocked, but it is an all-over leaf pattern, which is why I liked the edging - it has leaves in it too.

Now, I just have to figure out the rate of decrease so that I can figure out how many repeats of the unmodified edging chart I need to start with, and how many (if any) more repeats of the shawl I have to do, so that I can graft them together easily.

I wouldn't normally pick this color combo to wear for myself. But, it looks good on me, in spite of having a fair bit of greeny-yellow in it.  I'm looking forward to getting it finished - it will complete the outfit nicely!

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