Friday, November 18, 2011

New project (with a deadline...)

For those of you who have ever done the Meyers - Briggs or Kiersey-Bates personality profiles, I'm an INFP. I do swear, the P stands for Procrastinator...

For Thanksgiving, I'll be traveling to San Diego, via Reno, to have dinner with my Dad, his girlfriend, and the combined families. I'm furnishing the bird (see story here). Because of financial issues, they won't marry, but they are going to have an intimate commitment ceremony with family members.

I decided that I would weave some dishtowels that they can have at each other's house - they will be the same, and symbolize the connection, on a very basic level, between them.  Kind of hokey, but it works for me!

Anyway, project notes:
  • Halcyon Yarn Homestead Cotton (8/2)
  • 22" in the reed, sleyed double in a 10 dent reed for 20 epi
  • Threaded straight draw (my loom is a 4 shaft, counter-balance)
  • Woven in plain weave
  • Stripes based on some I saw on the Halcyon website, but different colors
  • Each towel will be woven 32" long to allow for 15" shrinkage
  • Warp is 5 yds. long - I'm planning to get 5 towels (I want to keep one!!)
  • Haven't decided if they will be just woven with stripes (one contrasting stripe matching the warp stripe per towel) or just with the natural all the way through.
  • I'm going to try using a temple for the first time.
Did I mention that I leave for Reno on Tuesday??

Correy moved stuff around, and we now have a dining-loom.
The "Dining-loom"
Last night I wound the warp.  The warping reel is the appropriate tool for the job - fast, and easier on my back and shoulders.
The colors I'm using are:
And here's the warp, ready to be sleyed and threaded.

Next time, on and weaving!

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