Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A new venture...

In the midst of my crazy life, I decided to start another blog...

The title comes from a comment my daughter-in-law made a couple of years ago. I had crocheted a hat for her, complete with flowers (pansies, mostly), and my son wanted to know how you made the top of the hat get smaller. "It's voodoo," she said. It stuck with me, and now that's what I call my budding fiber business.

Mostly I dye things. If it's white (or gray, or tan), it doesn't stay that way very long in my house... I do spin, and knit, and have a wonderful 1920's-30's loom which has sat idle for way too long. The loom, as my friends will tell you, is a booger to move. It's rock maple, weaves 44-45" cloth, and is a 4-shaft counterbalance mechanism. What makes it so wonderful is that, instead of wooden rollers with rope controlling the shafts, it has bike sprockets, ball bearings, and bike chain - very, very smooth action. In addition, some thoughtful person changed out the steel heddles it probably came with for texsolv heddles and treadle tie-ups, making it very quiet to use. When I have woven on it, it was a delight. Once I get settled, I'll introduce you to the loom... with pictures!

Currently, or at least when I finish getting out of my house and over to Central Oregon, I'm getting ready for the Shaniko Wool Gathering. I'll have a booth there, and need to get lots of stuff dyed, labeled, wound, and not necessarily in that order. I need to get my inventory catalogued, sorted and labeled and packed.

So, welcome to the new blog about continuing adventures!


  1. Okay....I've subscribed to the feed!! Wow...talk about new beginnings all around!

  2. Well, I don't like the word "voodoo," but I know I'll love this new blog!

    Now, off to do chores, take a shower, then spend the day at the State Fair.

  3. I love the voodoo that you do so well!

  4. Very cool, congrats on your new blog! It may be just the thing!